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Movie Review: Bad Education (La Mala Educaion)

Alternate Title:Perception is Reality

Story:Director, writer Pedro Almodovar has done it again. After tremendous success with his Talk to Her and All About My Mother I wasn't sure where this talented man was headed. No waiting for the Lobo Howl score - I loved this film.

Almodovar uses the big screen as if he were a painter. His canvas is filled with large ideas (broad strokes), fascinating twists and turns (texture) and larger than life characters (bold color). Reality and fantasy cross paths and we are not sure what we are viewing but like a good painting we have to work a bit to get the big picture.

The story moves back and forth between 1967 and 1980. Two men meet after 16 years, after their friendship had abruptly ended, while in Catholic School. One has become a film director and one is a struggling actor. How they remember the past and digest it is the mosaic that Almodovar brings to the screen.

This blessed director never judges his characters, however flawed they might appear to us. This is a complex, multitiered, semi-autobiographical, film noir-ish treat. It is well worth your time and attention.

Acting: Gael Garcia Bernal has jumped way up on my favorites list. He is enormously talented and is beautiful playing both a man or a woman. Now that's acting! His supporting cast all work well too.

Predilection:I like Pedro Almodovar and Gael Garcia Bernal. I recently read that Bernal has signed to do some English language films. I hope he does not decide to sell out and go Hollywood.

Critters: None.

Visual Art: Almodovar is an artist and every scene is composed as an eye pleasing treat.

Soundtrack: Wonderful

Opening Titles: Jazzy, ripped paper splashes of color. Beautiful.

Theater Audience: Packed with a very Chelsea crowd. My movie buddy and I were admiring all of the handsome men but sadly, they did not have eyes for us.

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter:0

Drift Range:Warning! Do not drift. You have to pay attention at all times or you will be lost in the character and time shifts.

Squirm Scale: 2-I do not like to see people shooting up in films.

Predictability Level: Did not know where this film was headed.

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: Absolutely! .

Nit Picking: No nits to pick. Who am I to question genius?

Big Screen or Rental: ig screen for sure. For some other Gael Garcia Bernal was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1978. For some of his other films try renting:
Motorcycle Diaries (still in theaters) , The Crime of Father Amaro, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Amores Perros.

Length: 2 hours.

LOBO HOWLS: 9.25 (my friend thought it was a 10)